Our Services


The Organization is engaged in the following IT activities.

  1. Manufacturing Electronics products (DES)
  2. Supply and Installation of UPS and INVERER (DES, NUMERIC-legrand).
  3. Supply and Installation of electronics lab equipments
  4. Servicing of electronics equipments and parts.
  5. Battery Sales and Service (EXIDE)
  6. Main Dealer of EXIDE and NUMERIC-legrand.
  7. Annual Maintenance Contracts for online UPS and Line interactive UPS.
  8. Exchange Online UPS, Line interactive UPS and Battery.


  1. DES Online UPS
  2. DES Digital UPS
  3. DES Home UPS
  4. DES Solar UPS
  5. DES Solar PSU
  6. EXIDE Batteries
  7. NUMERIC Online UPS
  8. Digital Inverter
  9. Customised Products
  10. Digital Stabilizer
  11. Servo Stabilizer