DES Tubular Battery
  • Sturdy and Robust construction.
  • Improvised Look and Design.
  • High Quality Lead Alloy Prevents Corrosion.
  • Premium Quality PP Container.
  • Computer Designed Grids.
  • Reinforced Plates Prevent Shedding.
  • Less Water Supplementation Need Extended Life Span.
  • Low maintenance, Frequent topping up not required due to use of special vent.
C 10 UPS Battery
No. MODELS  DCV   Warranty
1 DES  Tubular Battery 40AH 12V 24 Months
2 DES  Tubular Battery 80AH 12V 24 Months
3 DES  Tubular Battery 100AH 12V 24 Months
4 DES Tubular Battery 150AH 12V 24 Months
C 20 Inverter Battery
 No. MODELS  DCV   Warranty
1 DES  Tubular Battery 100AH 12V 36 Months
2 DES  Tubular Battery 110AH 12V 36 Months
3 DES  Tubular Battery 130AH 12V 36 Months
4 DES  Tubular Battery 150AH 12V 36 Months