About Us


Dronacharya Electronics Systems (DES) is a group set up in the last 1990’s as a result of the synergies of a handful of young and dynamic Information Technology entrepreneurs with clear-cut Objectives. This Organization is named after it in order to show the world, the power, knowledge, dedication, culture and character of our great country. Dronacharya Electronics Systems state of art manufacturing unit and personnel are considered the best in the Industry. Dronacharya Electronics Systems has a very high Brand image visibility, which spans through out the state.

Situated in the heart of the Cochin City, known as the Queen of the Arabian Sea, the Organization is well connected by road, rail, sea and air with most of other Indian cities. Cochin also happens to be the Industrial / Business capital of the Kerala State, naturally the ideal home for an Information Technology venture.

The Organization is just twelve year old chronologically; but the strides it has made in the field of IT are vast and many. More than 15,000 clients already appear in the ever-increasing Customer List; and products ranging from tailor-made Projects to successful Products. This astonishingly quick success is the result of total dedication of the family members of the Organization, and the image it has imparted to the clients, with its Zero-Defect policies and timely deliveries.

The Organization is engaged in the following IT activities.
  1. Manufacturing Electronics products (DES)
  2. Supply and Installation of UPS and INVERER (DES, NUMERIC-legrand).
  3. Supply and Installation of electronics lab equipments
  4. Servicing of electronics equipments and parts.
  5. Battery Sales and Service (EXIDE)
  6. Main Dealer of EXIDE and NUMERIC-legrand.
  7. Annual Maintenance Contracts for online UPS and Line interactive UPS.
  8. Exchange Online UPS, Line interactive UPS and Battery.

Even though the Functional Organization Chart of Dronacharya Electronics Systems may be showing a separate Quality Assurance Department, here it is a ‘Way of Functioning‘for every Department. In fact the Quality Assurance Department does mainly the Quality Auditing, which means that the quality of every Product or Service given to the Customer is at the optimum level, which helps to ensure smooth functioning of the Customer operations in a balanced way between Quality & Cost.

We have also the Expertise and support of IT Consultants who have the domain knowledge of various business Activities. With the help we successfully convert what you have in mind, to what we can do.


The market for support systems for computers & equipments has grown manifold. Digitalizing and customizing has now become the buzzword. Equipping the business and product line with smart systems is on the looking. In this context, the role of Electronic and micro controller programming experts assume significance.

In a state like Kerala, facing continuous power disruption the market for UPS and Inverter is very high. Customers are looking for featured products with advanced technology. No one will tolerate data loss for want of power support devices. Branded manufacturers are providing standardized products, which are least capable of customization. Young and talented experts can provide customized products to cater the demand of consuming public.

The electronic industry, over the years, has witnessed sea changes in methods and practices followed, largely due to the advances made in information technology and communication and also due to revolutionary methods now adopted by business world over in protecting their valuable data processing systems and equipments. A steady and growing market can be envisaged in UPS, Inverters and other support systems.

The Promoters:

Mr. Sumesh Balakrishnan, having  Bachelors degree in electronics and MCA, also holding Advanced Diploma in Hardware Maintenance is the person behind this innovative. He has been associated with computer hardware and networking programs over seven years and has now set up this SSI unit to manufacture smart Electronics product. Dronacharya Electronic Systems in a new generation unit that specialized in addressing the needs of consuming world looking for tailor made and smart devices. This unit’s core competence lies in the area of producing featured and smart Ups and Inverters.

The core support team assisting the promoter to make the unit a full-fledged one consists of;

  1. Mr. Anantha Krishnan V, holder of Masters Degree in Electronics. He possesses more than 15 years experience in Electronics field. He has also completed training in Embedded System and an experienced programmer in Micro Controllers.
  2. Mr. Sanil Anand, holder of Bachelors Degree in Electronics has more than 12 years experience in Electronic and Computer field.

DES manufactures products, which are diligently developed in their R&D division, are considered user friendly and very much advanced compared to other products in the same category. The products are sold under the brand name of DES.

DES believes in developing mutually beneficially relationships with its customers and is not into fleecing their clients. The personnel at DES attend seminars and conferences on a regular bases and keep abreast with the latest in the manufacture of electronics

  1. DES Online UPS
  2. DES Digital UPS
  3. DES Home UPS
  4. DES Solar UPS
  5. DES Solar PSU
  6. EXIDE Batteries
  7. NUMERIC Online UPS
  8. Digital Inverter
  9. Customised Products
  10. Digital Stabilizer
  11. Servo Stabilizer